Modern Humanities Success

An research journal «Modern Humanities Success» was established in 2016 with the aim of:
  • develop the fundamental and applied research in Pedagogical and Philological Sciences.;
  • receive and disseminate advanced knowledge and information in these areas;
  • integrate the intellectual capacity among the leading Russian and foreign authors and centers of higher education, science and high technologies;
  • support and to expound the Pedagogical and Philological Sciences.

The «Modern Humanities Success» journal publishes scientific materials of a wide range of professionals in the field of Pedagogical and Philological Sciences highlighting the urgent problems of disciplines with theoretical or practical importance, as well as aimed at the implementation of research results into educational activities.

Articles of Russian and foreign scientists, lecturers, researchers, postgraduates of higher educational institutions and scientific organizations of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and far-abroad countries with high uniqueness, which have not been previously published, are accepted for publication.

The «Modern Humanities Success» journal is included in the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) list of the Russian Federation, ERIH PLUS, Elibrary, ROAD.

The journal is included in the VAK list on the following specialties:

5.8.1. General Pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education (pedagogical sciences),

5.8.2. Theory and methodology of teaching and upbringing (by fields and levels of education) (pedagogical sciences),

5.8.3. Correctional pedagogy (sign language pedagogy and typhlopedagogy, oligophrenopedagogy and speech therapy) (pedagogical sciences),

5.8.4. Physical culture and professional physical training (pedagogical sciences),

5.8.5. Theory and methodology of sports (pedagogical sciences),

5.8.6. Health and adaptive physical culture (pedagogical sciences),

5.8.7. Methodology and technology of vocational education (pedagogical sciences),

5.9.1. Russian Russian Literature and literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation (philological sciences),

5.9.2. Literature of the peoples of the world (philological sciences),

5.9.3. Theory of Literature (philological sciences),

5.9.4. Folklore Studies (philological sciences),

5.9.5. Russian language. Languages of the peoples of Russia (philological sciences),

5.9.6. Languages of the peoples of foreign countries (indicating a specific language or group of languages) (philological sciences),

5.9.8.Theoretical, applied and comparative linguistics (philological sciences),

The journal is a peer-reviewed publication with a frequency of release 12 times a year.

The editorial board of the journal consists of leading doctors of science, professors and leading scientists from scientific centers of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign experts, which allows for a qualified expertise of works on a wide profile of specialties.

The owner and publisher of this online edition is Self-employed Klyueva M.M.

ISSN 2618-7175 (online)

Mass Media registration number: El No. FS77-75120 dated February 19, 2019 is given by  Federal Service for Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor)

All accepted articles are published under license Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 4.0